2014, 2011 Carolinas PGA Player of the Year 
2012, 2013 Carolinas PGA Senior Player of the Year 

Sponsorship Opportunities


Sponsorship of professional golfers has become highly visible and carries significant advantages for many companies.  While each corporation has uniquely different goals, brand recognition generally tops the list. Each corporation has identified the key demographics to penetrate in an effort to boost their brand recognition. 

Golf transcends all generations, age demographics and nationalities. Television viewership and press coverage has exploded over recent years. Viewers, tournament visitors and fans in general identify themselves with companies whose logo is linked to visible support of the game of golf.

Professional golf is a sport that requires hours of practice, dedication and commitment to excellence, just as any successful business demands.

A sponsorship agreement with a professional golfer is a special partnership in which the player demonstrates expertise in his sport, demonstrates character and high ethics, is appealing and personable, is available, accessible and above all, is a dedicated ambassador for your company around the country.  

Other benefits include assistance and oversight with company tournaments, clinics during employee and/or customer outings as well as team building opportunities to engage employees and boost morale.

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